CPW is almost here!

This weekend is the MIT Campus Preview Weekend where hundreds of potential freshmen of the Class of 2019 will visit MIT to see how they enjoy it. For months, we have been organizing great events that showcase our house, as well as the Institute itself and its many interesting spaces that are available for use. Check out our CPW page for details and our event schedule.

Relay for Life

On Saturday the 7th of March many brothers demonstrated their support of the MIT Relay for Life by maintaining a presence for the entire 6PM-6AM event. Kappa Sigma raised $1,170 as a house, standing tall at fourth among all forty-three registered teams at MIT. As a whole, the event raised over $32,000 for the American Cancer Society and brought about an incalculable amount of awareness. Cancer is multifaceted and felt in many different ways by each of the brothers, but the glow sticks cracked at the Luminaria Ceremony extend even beyond the walls of 407 Memorial to shine an ever growing light illuminating a path for the cure.

Cancer sucks

Super Bowl Festivities

superbowlThis past January, the brothers of Gamma Pi continued the annual tradition of piling onto the first floor, ordering a lot of food, and watching the Super Bowl. Brothers across all of the pledge classes moved couches down to the first, set up chairs, and hung flags for both of the teams (a cameo was also made by the Texans flag courtesy of Brother Hays ’18). After the seating was taken care of, the sustenance for the evening arrived in the form of 50 pizzas and 300 wings, almost all of which would be gone by the end of the evening. With the preparations made, the brothers all took their seats as the game began. Most of the house pulled for the Patriots, though the Seahawks’ contingency, composed of Brothers Alvarez ’15 and Schlaepfer ’15 and a few house friends, remained strong and vocal throughout the game. After the Seahawks’ win last year, all of those rooting for the Patriots were excited to see the Patriots score first in the 2nd Quarter. By halftime though, tensions were a bit high as the teams entered the locker room tied 14-14. Luckily, the Katy Perry halftime show put much of the house at ease, with Katy Perry’s now famous “Left Shark” dancer becoming a favorite of many of the brothers. The beginning of the second half proved to be more stressful for the Patriots fans as the Seahawks gained a lead of 24-14 at one point. While the Seahawks’ fans were happy with their first lead of the game, they soon moved in unison to watch the game on the 4th floor when the Patriots retook the lead with 2 minutes and 2 seconds left. The tension of the last two minutes could be felt throughout the house as Russell Wilson and the Seahawks marched down the field, approaching a last-second win. With 26 seconds left, Russell Wilson surrendered the unthinkable: an interception to the Malcolm Butler that would give the Patriots the ball on their 1-yard line with seconds left and yet another Super Bowl Championship to their name. The moment the Butler catch occurred, the first floor erupted into excitement, yelling, and nonsensical noises while the fourth floor became deathly quiet. The Patriots had won and, despite the difference between the teams, all of our brothers and friends in attendance had a great evening celebrating a classic American pastime.

Winter Formal 2014

On Thursday, December 11, we all came together to celebrate the end of the semester with our annual Winter Formal. After months of diligent planning from the Senior Class of 2015, the festivities came off without a hitch. It began at 4pm, with hors d’oeuvres. At 5:30pm, we began serving dinner. Thanks to the tireless work of Gill’s Grilling and our Chef Andrea, the dinner of Chicken Cordon Bleu and some vegetables was delicious. As dinner came to a close, the Sophomore Class of 2017 serenaded Brother Gerrod Voigt’s (’16) girlfriend to help him present her with a lavaliere, which was lovely. While dessert was being enjoyed, a slideshow created by Brother Bokil Lopez-Pineda (’15) was played, flying through the events and memories of the last four years.

Around 8:30pm, we finally hit the road, heading towards Mount Snow in Vermont. Thankfully, Winter was kind to us and there was plenty of snow on the mountain, creating great skiing and snowboarding conditions for all the brothers and their dates. We finally hit the road back to Boston on Friday afternoon, everyone happily exhausted from the adventures through the snow.

Alpha Phi King of Hearts

king of heartsWick Egan (’17) represented Kappa Sigma in this year’s King of Hearts competition and successfully defended our title, won last year by Nate Rodman (’16). King of Hearts is a philanthropic event put on once every spring by Alpha Phi here at MIT. The male beauty pageant and talent show is also a fundraiser in which contestants raise money to be donated towards women’s heart health.

Wick crushed the competition with a well choreographed swimwear routine alongside Chi Phi’s representative Jesus Mathus, a close friend of the house, and dazzled the ladies in the audience with very heartwarming yet hilarious slam poetry.

Congrats Wick!

Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon Group

On Monday, April 21st, 2014, brothers of our chapter volunteered at the Boston Marathon. Thirty-two Kappa Sigs made their way to the marathon start in Hopkinton, MA in the early hours of the morning to set up and help run the start line hydration station for the 2014 Boston Marathon.

Throughout the course of the day, we handed water to 30,000 participating runners as they passed our station. Brother Chris Schlaepfer recounts his experience: “This was my third year volunteering for the Boston Marathon, and it was without question my best experience so far. Working the Hopkinton water station allowed us to get up close and personal with the athletes, and never have I seen such a large group of positive, enthusiastic, and appreciative people. Everyone I talked to, cheered for, or handed off water to had a huge smile on their face, and I truly felt that we were all ready to prove how strong the city of Boston is.”

Red Sox Green Team

Brother Rea Green Team

Brothers of the Gamma Pi Chapter of Kappa Sigma at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have volunteered on multiple occasions for the Boston Red Sox Green Team during the 2013-14 school year. The Green Team implements better recycling practices during MLB games at Fenway Park to promote a healthy environment.

Over the course of four separate ballgames, more than forty brothers combed through the aisles and bleachers of Fenway to collect recyclable goods. Brothers of our chapter have taken away valuable lessons from volunteering. Brother Daniel Dalton ’17 said of his experience, “After volunteering for the Green Team, I’ve started to really see how much reusable trash is thrown away, and begun to be much more conscientious about recycling myself.”

Nearly Naked Nearly Mile

On April 19th at 5pm, Kappa Sigma will be hosting its largest philanthropy event ever: the Nearly Naked Nearly Mile.  The event is the fourth iteration of our flagship event, but on a grander scale than ever before.

This year, all proceeds from the Nearly Naked Nearly Mile will support Team Collier Strong, who will be running the marathon two days later on April 21st.  Team Collier Strong is made up of the friends and family of Officer Sean Collier, who was tragically killed in the line of duty in the aftermath of the marathon bombings last year.  They are raising money for the Sean A. Collier Self Sponsor Scholarship, which will put one self-sponsored recruit through the Lowell Police Academy each year.

At the event, participants will strip down nearly naked and run a little less than a mile through the heart of MIT’s campus.  Kappa Sigma will be accepting clothing donations as well, which will be donated to the American Red Cross.  The event will also feature food generously provided by local Cambridge restaurants, music from our house DJs, and a dunk tank manned by our own Brother Monheit ’14.

To find out more about the event or donate to the Collier Scholarship, visit the event website at nearlynaked.mit.edu, or contact our event organizers at nearlynaked@mit.edu.

IFC Awards

Kappa Sigma Gamma-Pi was awarded the Interfraternity Council (IFC) Chapter of the Year and Best Scholarship Program for 2013. We feel so honored to have been lauded so highly in the MIT FSILG community. Gamma-Pi strives for excellence in each of Kappa Sigma’s four pillars, Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service. These pillars closely resemble the ideals of the FSILG community, so we take pride in holding ourselves to the highest standard and exemplifying these values. The Chapter pushed for increased philanthropic involvement and community service this semester, leading to Gamma-Pi’s involvement in Relay for Life, the Boston Marathon, and Project Bread’s Walk for Hunger among other smaller local projects and initiatives. Internally, we have also worked to provide more and better academic resources, taking a preemptive approach to academic excellence. This emphasis on academic excellence from the start through the end of the semester has led to Gamma-Pi’s improvement in the IFC GPA rankings, as our Chapter GPA was 0.8 points above the average last semester.

We are thrilled to receive these awards and we plan on continuing this upward trend. We at Gamma-Pi work to make our fraternity the best that we can possibly make it, so we hope to have even greater success next year.